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IRS or State Tax Problems?
There are so many Americans today that are fighting the IRS and feel like there's no way out. We have been working with taxpayers for over 29 years. If you hire us, you are done talking with the IRS. That's right, we do that for you. We understand the physical and mental toll a tax problem can have on you. Call us today and let's get started on a solution!

Selph and Friday

Looking for a Tax Preparer?

Income taxes are more complicated than ever.   This is the 29th year  Selph and Friday has been preparing tax returns.  We now file tax returns electronically to get your income tax refund in your bank account in 8 to 10 days normally.  We meet with you and try our best to prepare your tax return and get it filed while you are here.  An income tax refund is not any good to you if your tax information is in a file cabinet waiting on someone to work on it.  So have a seat, give us your information, and we will get busy getting your incomes taxes prepared and filed.  If we have questions you are here with the answers!

IRS or State tax problem?

When you contact us we know you have probably reached the point where you need something done about your income tax problems.  You may have an IRS audit, delinquent tax returns, IRS balance due you can’t pay, Income tax refund you didn’t receive, or other matters.  We have represented taxpayers since 1986.  While we may not have seen it all we have seen a lot of the Internal Revenue Service in those years.  You are concerned or maybe scared about what this means to you. We want to meet with you and get you some answers about what the Internal Revenue Service is doing with your situation.  We gather the facts and then we have a really good idea about what is going on and what we need to help you do to resolve this.  We help you through this as your representative.  Under normal circumstances we deal with the IRS or State Government you don’t talk to them.  We want to get  your income tax problems solved  so you can  get the Internal Revenue Service out of your everyday thoughts.


We focus on income tax preparation and taxpayer representation for small businesses and individuals. People come to us to solve tax and accounting problems. Income tax season is not something we gripe about because it is our opportunity to help our amazing loyal clients, and also help out the new clients that come to our offices needing our help with their IRS problems. We are always taking new clients! Our mission is to solve taxpayer problems!



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